unFOCUSing (unfocusing) wrote,

*sticky* love to the talented!

for those of you who are curious as to how i make my icons, this post is for you.

below, there is a list of people who have contributed to my artwork through their brushes/gradients.

i am eternally grateful to the following people:

b r u s h e s
_joni: grunge/scratch brushes [here] [here] [here]
77words: random, girly, flowery brushes [here] [here] [here]
hanako_lovely: shadow box brushes [here]
elli: fun borders [here]
ewanism: paint smudges/brushes [here]
dearest: script/flower borders [here]
hecatesknickers: random brushes [here]
iconvexity: decorative borders [here]
kurogane: grunge accents [here]
kyrielfalafel: ardenwood brushes [here]
mutsie_brushes: miscellaneous mask brushes 9 [here]
my_wonderful: xs, flowers, smudges, etc [here] [here]
niqii: newspaper and seperates [here]
quebelly: lovely borders and natural brushes [here]
resunik: grungey brushes [here] [here]
dark_soul_lost: funky borders [here]
teh_indy: doodles [here]
vodkaandirony: dot brushes [here]
asya_17: redefined brushes, rustic bases, handy set [here] [here]

g r a d i e n t s / t e x t u r e s
77words: mixed bag textures [here]
_hakanaidreams: sunset textures [here]
awmp: lighting stock images [here] [here]
colorfilter: fun, colorful filters [here]
inxsomniax: random icon textures [here]
wickedripeplum: aurora textures [here]
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