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*sticky* love to the talented! [01 Dec 2010|08:59am]
for those of you who are curious as to how i make my icons, this post is for you.

below, there is a list of people who have contributed to my artwork through their brushes/gradients.

the talented!Collapse )
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a w a r d s, aren't they lovely? [31 Dec 2009|04:34pm]
here's a running talley of all the awards i've won for my icons.

there aren't a lot, but aren't they pretty?Collapse )
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12 new roswell icons! [22 Feb 2008|05:51pm]
why do you say hallelujah if it means nothing to you?Collapse )
29 out of focus

9 new roswell icons [16 Feb 2008|04:09pm]
you go hide, and i'll come seek...Collapse )
7 out of focus

more roswell... [09 Oct 2007|10:52pm]
hooray, hooray!Collapse )
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6 roswell-related icons [26 Jul 2007|03:25pm]
i'm baaaaack!

wishing on what-ifsCollapse )
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9 roswell icons. [21 Jan 2006|08:18pm]
it's a roswell kind of day.

you've got a lure i can't denyCollapse )
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roswell holiday icons. [06 Jan 2006|04:47pm]
so i realize these are a little late, but they were in contests and i didn't get the chance to post them yet. so perhaps they can be used for next year? ;)

holidays!Collapse )
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8 o.c. icons [06 Jan 2006|03:54pm]
we're featuring the oc today.

california, here we comeCollapse )
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9 roswell icons! [03 Dec 2005|09:28pm]
we're featuring a little roswell today.

nueve!Collapse )
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celeb icons! [16 Nov 2005|11:39am]
i know, i haven't been around, making icons, entering contests, etc. school is really busy and these are some icons i made ages ago for fun/for contests (but none really got entered in anything because of the hectic schedule).

we're featuring actors and actresses today.

2 majandra delfino
1 majandra delfino & brendan fehr
6 brendan fehr
3 emilie de ravin
2 katherine heigl
1 katherine heigl & jason behr
4 zach braff

19 celeb iconsCollapse )
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10 roswell icons. [13 Sep 2005|09:38am]
it's been a while. yes, i know. but i have new icons. that should make everything better, correct? ;)

without further ado...

10 roswell iconsCollapse )
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roswell i c o n s. [05 Sep 2005|10:44am]
contrary to popular opinion, i have been making icons. (: i just haven't been posting them because some have been entered in challenges that still haven't posted winners, etc. so these are a few that i've made just for fun and some whose challenges have already announced the winners.

8 roswell iconsCollapse )
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a few random icons... [01 Aug 2005|10:32am]
a few more icons to hold you over until i have time to post more. you know you love it...

6 roswell related, 2 lost, 1 ocCollapse )
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icons! [01 Jul 2005|09:20am]
icons! exciting! yay for the first round of challenge icons.

follow the cut...

numerous roswell and 1 grey's anatomyCollapse )
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[23 Jun 2005|04:32pm]

u n f o c u s i n g

an icon journal it is.  a creative place, so to speak. 

i am still a little obsessed with roswell.  i watch the oc, lost, grey's anatomy, and csi on a regular basis.  expect icons from those shows and others that have not been named (because we're all entitled to a little dabbling in other fandoms).  i also like entering contests.  so be expecting some of those, as well..

the only rules that come with it are that you tell me if you use/take an icon of mine and credit me (in the subject line, por favor).  and as long as you follow the rules, we'll be friends.  *smiles*

welcome to my world.

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